Our History

Larsen Innovations, LLC

Larsen Innovations LLC specializes in creating innovative products for the fence, building products, and construction services industries. Founder and President, Charles Larsen has more than thirty years of experience in sales, marketing, and distribution within the fence industry. During his career, he has created several commercially successful patented and proprietary products, processes, and systems. Today, millions of dollars in products are sold each year in multiple countries incorporating his innovations.

Our extensive industry experience positioned us to recognize an underserved demand for products that were driven by market need, rather than supplier capabilities. With that foundation, we began a process of prioritizing a number of problems that have challenged the fence industry for years. Using design and strategic planning criteria that specifically consider all steps and constituencies in the supply chain, our approach is to pull together the right resources on a project-specific basis, allowing us to create best of class solutions. Focusing on the solution and resultant intellectual property allows us the flexibility to partner with the best product or service provider for a specific project to truly meet the needs of the marketplace.

Charlie Larsen

President's Bio

After more than 30 years as one of the key drivers of the strategy and execution that created the leading distributor and manufacturer of products in fence industry, Charlie was eager for a new opportunity. After leaving his position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Master-Halco, Inc., he recognized the opportunity to build a new company where he could put his creative energy to work in an organization structured with the flexibility to take a “blank page” approach; unencumbered by the constraints of an existing market position, or manufacturing and inventory investments. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have an extensive network of industry experts that we can draw from on a project-specific basis. Complimenting his varied business experience and capable network, Charlie holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.

Charlie's Inventions

Examples of some of those products include PostMaster*, an engineered steel post that doesn’t rot or warp like wood. Unlike round steel posts it can be concealed in the fence line to maintain the esthetic appeal of the wood fence. Patent numbers US 6,173,945 and US 6,530,561.


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Our Precision Manufacturing Facilities

Precision manufacturing is not frequently associated with fence panels. The inherent shipping inefficiency of ordinary panels makes it difficult to invest in centralized manufacturing or automated processes gave the limited markets that are typically served by a single production facility.

In contrast, the shipping efficiency of the V-Squared™ panel makes investments in sophisticated manufacturing methods viable, delivering a level of quality and consistency that establishes a new standard for the industry.

These advantages make V-Squared a superior purchase value…and continue to deliver operational savings that impact your bottom line with every installation.


California Warehouse