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As a business person you know that differentiation is key to your success. Finally there is a product that will resonate with your customers who need a solution for their four legged family members that isn't chain link!

V-Squared Kennels Because Pets Are Family!

Many fence and pet product retailers have simply conceded this $500 million plus retail segment to the box stores. Often fence and pet supply professionals don't recognize the size of this market or struggle to compete by offering a better chain link kennel. Frankly differences in gauges of the frame or fabric on a chain-link kennel are hard to relate to for many consumers so too often price becomes the primary comparison. 

How often does the prospective customer you quoted, the one who says that they decided to "wait" on fencing their yard, simply head to the home center and buys a portable dog run? Often what they really needed right now was something to keep their pet safe when it was outdoors.

The fence industry has long recognized the shift toward chain link alternatives in residential fencing. Chain link just doesn't fit in any longer in many neighborhoods, or often is not even allowed! And when it comes to a dog run, most consumers don't even realize that there are alternatives to chain link.

Combine the shift in consumer preferences for residential fencing with the fact that pet products is one of the fastest growing retail segments (second only to consumer electronics) and the opportunity starts to become clear!
  Isn't it time you got your share of this hot market?

Gate is reversible for left or right hand installations.
The gate is pre-hung and can be installed either left or right hand keeping your inventory flexible.

Secure latching mechanism latches top and bottom. Convenient latch secures at both the top and bottom from a single, pet resistant flip-latch. The gate panel can be padlocked. When installed as recommended, the gate only swings inward, conditioning pets to stand back from the gate rather than charging it when opening.

Hardware is poly bagged
Hardware is pre-assembled and packaged in a heavy mil poly bags for easy handling. Graphical instructions are printed on the bag.

180 degree bracket connects the framesThe 180° wire panel connector joins the two horizontal frames together to extend the size of the kennel.

We offer a complete package of marketing materials to help youRetail Brochure succeed as a V2 Kennel dealer!

Support website - link from your own.
Consumer Website
Kennel Brochure
Posters 2' x 1.5'
Vinyl Banners 4' x 6'
Catalog (unpriced w/ photos)
Kennel Assembly Instructions
Roof Truss Kit Instructions
12' x 6'
     6' x 6'
Strength Test vs. Home Center Kennel

PowerPoint Show Dealer Advantages
Learn more about the business case for becoming a V2 Kennel Dealer.

Fence and Pet Supply Professionals please 
contact us for more information and wholesale to the trade pricing.

Consumers & fellow Pet Lovers contact us and we will help you find a dealer in your area. 


V2 Kennels fit in with todays fence preferences.

Unobtrusive wire frameV-Squared's patented design (US Patent No. 8,613,130 - Canadian Patent No. 2,677,200) is strong but unobtrusive blending into your customer's landscape.

The wire frame has superior center point beam loading characteristics. View our test vs. a home center kennel.

Adaptable hardwareAdapatable hardware can raise the kennel for easy cleaning or reverse the bolt to sit flush on the turf to discourage digging. Substitue an anchor bolt if need be. 
One inventory fills multiple needs! 

Roof kits generate add on sales.

Add a roof or shade screen top. 

Shade screenOptions your customers will appreciate and added revenue to you!

V-Squared Kennels are the industry’s
Wire frame is secure yet unobtrusive.

You think the dogs are fine in the fenced backyard without a kennel...
think again!

Check out this

Some are almost impossible to contain. Watch the video of this canine escape artist.


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