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V-Squared Temporary Fence Systems

Join the V-Squared revolution today!
From start to finish, the Patented V-Squared Panel systems are designed with your needs in mind. Transportation and storage headaches become a thing of the past with our exclusive nesting design that fits two to three times as many panels in the same space as ordinary panels. The all welded design of V-Squared systems don't snag so they are easier to handle and stack straight and fast. Whether your focus is events or construction sites, kennels with real advantages, the fresh clean styling of V-Squared comes in a style and finish that will meet your budget and distinguish you from the competition.

V-Squared has extraordinary implications for temporary fence since the primary cost is labor. The benefit of slashing labor costs, transporting and storing 2-3 times as many panels in the same space, while still maintaining strength and durability has transformational profitability implications. This breakthrough is so extraordinary it is even patent pending.
With styles and options to fit most every business model, only V-Squared offers this unique combination of handling, security and style that together deliver the industry's best value!
US Patent 8,613,130 - Canadian Patent 2,677,200
Post systems - for those who normally drive postsV-Squared Post Systems are the perfect solution for those who normally install panels by driving a post through rings mounted to the panels. Our optional stands make installing this system on pavement a breeze giving you the flexibilty to meet your customers needs. Learn More!
Stand System - If stands are your normal installation methodV-Squared Stand Systems seamlessly fit your operation when your normal installations are to place panels on stands. With options to modify the panel for use as a gate or to drive posts when needed we meet your needs...with V2 benefits. Learn More!
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