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Temporary Fence Panels Photos & Testimonials
What folks are saying about us:

Thumbs up on a great product!”
”After over 25 years in the fence business we decided to open a temporary fence department. This product has been a great addition to our company. The panels have a distinct look that our customers appreciate. They install and come down easily and have a shape that allows them to stack and store very efficiently and securely.”
Jack Vermeulen
Marin Fence Company - California

"...even more impressive that after the show the entire fence was dismantled, stacked and removed in only 3 hours. The event organizers were delighted with the way the fence turned out.”  
Mike Michaels
Michaels Fence - Wyoming

"...if my guys have a choice between two stacks of panels in my yard they will always go to the V-Squared panels first!"
Colorado Dealer

"My crew was blown away at how easy they were to transport and install."
Utah Dealer

“Our first job went up in half of the man hours that it would have taken with our chain link panels.”
Iowa Dealer

"My crew was amazed that they could take all of the panels in a single trip."
Kentucky Dealer

"We appreciate your great customer service!"
Colorado Dealer

" I saw your panels when I was on vacation in Breckenridge, where can I get some?"
Property Management Executive

"We bought some panels from your local dealer and we really like them."
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