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New Patent Pending Accura ProActionnylon rollers for square frame gate introduced at FenceTech in Miami January 2012 Video PPT

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Screening Examples.

RF Stand System panels are available with factory installed screening fabric.

Screening top and bottom sections separately reduces the billowing effect of larger screens.

Center flap provides wind relief BOTH directions.

Center flap folds out of the way preserving nesting for transportation and storage.

V-Squared™ Panel RF Stand Systems are now available with factory installed screening fabric.

Panels are the product of choice for temporary fence for the convenience and flexibility they provide. This is especially true of panels mounted on stands where the fence line can be easily repositioned to meet the changing needs at a construction site or event. As more and more sites require screening, dealers everywhere are looking for ways to better manage this part of their business. 

The top 10 reasons to use V-Squared pre-screened panels?

  1. Potential to make your screening sales MUCH MORE PROFITABLE!

  2. Avoids the cost of expensive field labor to install screening on site.

  3. Maintains the flexibility to move panels without cutting the screen.

  4. Getting multiple uses from the screening saves installation and removal labor AND generates multiple revenue opportunities from the same screens. 

  5. Tightly stretched smaller screens are less prone to billowing, improving stability in windy conditions.

  6. Center wind flap provides wind relief in BOTH directions.

  7. Fully taped knit fabric has more ties and grommets (approximately every 12”) for longer life expectancy.

  8. Getting multiple uses from your screening fabric becomes viable. 

  9. As more projects require screening creating a competitive advantage is critical.

  10. Nestable design with screens installed saves on transportation, handling and storage.

Elite™ 85 knit fabric is from ci-Fabrics, a recognized industry leader. The fabric is resistant to fraying and is available in a choice of colors including green, beige, and brown (pictured). Also available in black, orange and blue (not pictured). E-Mail us for a prompt quotation or call us at 714-369-8033 or by fax 714-969-2081.

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