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V-Squared Stand System Temporary Fence

The revolutionary
temporary site

V-Squared Stand Systems provide the flexibility that contractors have become accustom too while eliminating the challenges associated with ordinary chain link panels. Simply drop into the stand and connect the top of the panel with a clamp. The roll form (RF) uprights of the stand system work with many 1 5/8" round fittings and block style stands so our patent pending system easily integrates with your existing components.

Panels connect with common 1 5/8" saddle clamps.

The integrated RF verticals make installation at events fast and simple.


V-Squared Panels nest together requiring half to 1/3 the space of ordinary panels. This exclusive breakthrough design solves some of your biggest handling headaches such as storing panels between uses and during slower periods.

V-Squared Panels are strong yet as much as 20% lighter than traditional panels reducing the risk of back strain and injury. The nesting design is self-aligning which makes stacking straight, fast & easy. Panels can easily slide across one another without snagging.

Since V-Squared Panels stack in as little as 1/3 the space of ordinary panels you can fit more panels on a truck saving trips, labor and fuel. The nesting design eliminates panel-on-panel shifting simplifying transportation and reducing strap damage. That's efficiency you can take to the bank.

Strength & Durability
Our horizontal heavy 4 ga. wire frame uses familiar design concepts in new and creative ways. Combined with our custom vertical Roll Form sections to preserve the nestability of V-Squared Panels while delivering the strength you need in a temporary fence system. Available in your choice of coatings for a panel with years of life and customer acceptance. The all welded construction of V-Squared eliminates snagging, loose fabric and sloppy or less secure connections common with traditional panels.

Construction site theft is at all time highs and is reported as adding as much as 1% to the cost of a new home. The V-Squared Panels welded, heavy-gauge wire design and tight mesh spacing combines with secure hardware to provide your customers with an unmatched level of security at an affordable price.

The look of the V-Squared Panel not only redefines construction fencing it is perfect for events as well. It makes an upscale statement with a clean updated look your customers will prefer. V-Squared gives your customers a temporary fence with an image that lives up to their standards and your own.

The revolutionary design of the V-Squared Panel systems can radically change your cost of doing business. Snagged wires, shifted loads, extra trips and storage headaches are now all a thing of the past.

Strong, versatile and durable. 
§             Welded at each point of contact 
§             Choose from galvanize after welding, galvanized before with treated welds or galvanized and powder coated. 
§             4 x four-gauge wire rod horizontal framing with 11.5 gauge fill wires.
§             1 5/8" roll form section is .079" thick and works with many common 1 5/8" block style stands and round fittings.
§             Periodic four-gauge wires in the body for added strength and security
§             Secure welded grid is much more difficult to cut through.

Exclusive self-nesting feature.
§             Stacks fast
§             Stays straight
§             No panel-on-panel shifting
§             Consistent stacking thickness helps minimize step damage

 System flexibility.
§             Complete hardware options eases installation. 
§             RF sections are permanently attached to the wire panel eliminating the need for on-site panel assembly.
§             The low profile 30" stands securely connects to panels and stacks neatly for storage
§             Unique serial number and bar code on each panel can simplify asset management
§             Easily adapted to allow posts to be driven if the installation requires it.

Stand system with drive post adapter 

What about gates?

V-Squared's strength is in center point beam loading. It is designed as a panel to be fixed at 4 corners. Based on our customer experience our Stand System panels are much more likely to be modified to become gates so we have created a comprehensive set of solutions:

1. Our RFgate ells provide an easy way to temporarily modify the panel to reduce the torsional flex and still easily remove it when ready to return the panel to inventory.
2. In addition to or as an alternative, we make a rolling stand to support the free end. The same stand works as a swing gate support or for a rolling gate.
3. Rolling gate kits are available for rear pipe track installations.
4. Some installations a 2 fork industrial drop rod is an easy solution to support the hanging end of the gate either open or closed given they are moved manually in most all situations.
5. Our hinges can be adapted for both 90 and 180 degree swing.

Need barb wire added to your project?
We offer both line arms that easily attach to the saddle clamp you already are using as well as corner/end extensions. See our product bulletin.

Stand system with RF extended top and bottom.
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PowerPoint Show Dealer Advantages

The same 876' of panels on this truck would require a 46" high stack IF they were V-Squared.

Shorter stacks and lighter weight allow crews to work from the ground improving efficiency and safety.

The RF section of the stand system panel will slide down the top of the wire tendon making handling much easier and more effecient.

Vertical 4 gauge wires every 12" or less in the body of the panel create a "security grid". Shown here contrasted against a factory screened panel.

Cup style base stand is stackable and has a low 30" wide profile and comes powder coated orange standard like our other stand choices.

Shown above the tip of the RF extension is long enough to drop slightly through the bottom cutout when perpendicular to the fenceline.

Our turntable style stand allows the flush side of a panel to be placed down for minimal ground clearance underneigth the panel. Alternatively the extended style can be placed down for clearance for uneven ground, curbs or the like.

One side of the turntabel style stand is fixed to maintain the stand 90 degrees to the fenceline.

Panels are shipped on skids of 50 panels. A container of 12' is 450 (9 skids) and 600 10' panels fit in a container. Some styles are available by the pallet. 

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