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PupProtect Puppy Panel
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"...everything worked great with the panels...spectacular...The homeowner loved it. She's super excited. It was very easy to install and looks awesome. Barely see it, can't say enough about it. I can't wait to sell more of it."
SC Fence Contractor

"my customer loved it. They installed it themselves and said it was fast and easy."
NE Fence Contractor

Strong - 4 gauge (5.75mm) galvanized steel wire horizontals and 8 gauge (4.15mm) steel wire pickets are powder coated for long life.

Easy installation - using the provided clips and stainless steel self tapping screws (on 6' panels for aluminum-galvanize carbon steel screws provided with 8' panels for steel fence) or alternatively with the included UV resistant zip ties.

Optional clamps are available for more secure installation without screwing into your fence. The set screw clamps the clip, replacing the screw.

Home grown solutions often leave much to be desired. Pets learn to climb meshes with frequent cross bars or light meshes like hardware cloth and poultry netting are easily broken, leaving sharp points and requiring frequent replacement.

Determine the center to center spacing of your existing fence. The easy way to determine center to center is to measure a level (not biased) section from the far side of one picket to the near side of the next. For some shop fabricated fences spacing varies from picket to picket so measuring 10 openings (far to near) and dividing that measurement by 10 will give you an average. (Ex: 44.3" for 10 openings is our 5/8" picket standard 4.43" spacing).

Compare that to the center to center measurements on our shop drawings. Note that if your spacing is slightly different you will gain or lose that amount from center for each picket going each direction. In most cases this might be 1/8" to 3/8" at the final picket which has little impact either esthetically or for keeping your pet in.
Download full Measuring for Fit guide.

1. Position the PupProtect panel against your fence panel centering the center picket in the center opening of that portion of your fence panel. Attach with included brackets (or zip ties) at both ends and also in the center on 6' single panel and the corners of 6' (shown) and 8' split panels. Download INSTRUCTIONS for more detail.


1. Establish the angle of your fence and make a paper template to easily gauge how far to bend the PupProtect panels to match. The template will help you AVOID over bending and bending back as this will unnecessarily fatigue the metal.
2. On a scratch resistant surface stand on each end of the panel and gently but firmly bend the pickets until they are parallel the template of your installed fence. 

3. Attach to the pickets of your fence at the corners of the PupProtect panels.

4. Where needed cut the horizontal rails even with the last picket with a hack saw or jigsaw. Touch up the cut ends with zinc rich primer followed by quality semi gloss paint.


PupProtect™ add-on puppy panel converts new or existing ornamental style fence into "puppy panels" professionally and affordably.

PupProtect™ is practically invisible against your landscape avoiding the busy look of other puppy panels.

It is the perfect solution for existing fences or in lieu of expensive ornamental puppy panel fence sections.

Designs to fit most manufacturers’ 5/8” and 3/4" picket ornamental fencing. Offset installation can bridge the lower rail to fill in the gap on extended picket sections.

Panel can be racked up to 25° to fit biased panels. Flush wires are cut smoother rather than snipped for safety and the flush edges help prevent pets from getting a collar hooked.

Split section panel above showing horizontal break in the center.

Pretty tempting with nothing.



Shop Drawings:

    10100  PupProtect Panel for 6' Ornamental Panel 5/8" Picket 4.43" center to center (112.5mm)
    10102 PupProtect Panel for 6' (2 Sections) Ornamental Panel 5/8" Picket 4.43" c/c (112.5mm)
    10103 PupProtect Panel for 8' (2 Sections) Ornamental Panel 5/8" Picket 4.43" c/c(112.5mm)
    10106 PupProtect Panel for 8' (2 Sections) Ornamental Panel 5/8" Picket *Montage® style spacing 4.33" (110mm) center to center.
    10105 PupProtect Panel for 8' (2 Sections)
Ornamental Panel 3/4" Picket
 4.69" c/c(119.6mm)

Guide: Measuring for Fit
Installation Instructions:
    Single Panel 10100
    Double Panel (2 Sections)  

Consumer Brochure
Wall Poster 24"x18"
Box POP Label
Eight Year Limited Warranty

WARNING: This or similar products, should not be added to a “pool fence” as they will make most pool barriers NON-CODE Compliant.


PupProtect is packaged to convert 10 ornamental fence panels per box. Split sections styles would be 20 sections with hardware.

Self merchandising boxes highlight key features with a product selection guide. They are UPC coded at both the box and unit levels for point of sale and inventory management.

 Packaged 14 boxes per pallet (20 on 10100 single section panels). Pallets can be double stacked.

*Montage® is a registered mark of Ameristar Fence

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