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V-Squared Post System Temporary Fence

The revolutionary temporary site security systems.            


  More than a mile of fence at an airshow
Panels offer many advantages such as greater flexibility to remove then replace sections of fence to easily permit access to easements or to position equipment, longer life, and better security than roll fence with driven posts. All V-Squared systems have the modularity of panel systems while solving the major handling and transportation drawbacks associated with them. 

Our patented* Post System is designed for contractors that favor driven posts with the flexibility of only using stands when necessary, this maintains the flexibility of a modular system with the greater stability of a driven post.

Easy handling makes V-Squared a favorite at construction sites

V-Squared Panels nest together requiring half to 1/3 the space of ordinary panels. This exclusive breakthrough design solves some of your biggest handling headaches such as storing panels between uses and during slower periods. Handling
V-Squared Panels are strong yet as much as 20% lighter than traditional panels reducing the risk of back strain and injury. The nesting design is self-aligning which makes stacking straight, fast & easy. Panels can easily slide across one another without snagging. Transportation
Since V-Squared Panels stack in less than half the space of ordinary panels you can fit more panels on a truck saving trips, labor and fuel. The nesting design eliminates panel-on-panel shifting simplifying transportation and reducing strap damage. That's efficiency you can take to the bank. Strength & Durability
Using tested design concepts and value engineering in new and creative ways, V-Squared Panels deliver the strength you need and the performance you have been missing. Heavy four-gauge framing wires combine with your choice of coatings for a panel with years of life and customer acceptance. The all welded construction of V-Squared eliminates snagging, loose fabric and sloppy or less secure connections common with traditional panels. Security
Construction site theft is at all time highs and is reported as adding as much as 1% to the cost of a new home. The V-Squared Panels welded, heavy-gauge wire design and tight mesh spacing combines with secure hardware to provide your customers with an unmatched level of security at an affordable price. Aesthetics
The look of the V-Squared Panel not only redefines construction fencing it is perfect for events as well. It makes an upscale statement with a clean updated look your customers will prefer. V-Squared gives your customers a temporary fence with an image that lives up to their standards and your own. Features
The revolutionary design of the V-Squared Panel systems can radically change your cost of doing business. Snagged wires, shifted loads, extra trips and storage headaches are now all a thing of the past. Strong, versatile and durable. 
§             Welded at each point of contact 
§             Choose from galvanize after welding, galvanized before with treated welds or galvanized and powder coated. 
§             4 x four-gauge wire rod framing
§             11.5 gauge fill wires
§             Periodic four-gauge wires in the body for added strength and security
§             Secure welded grid is much more difficult to cut through. Exclusive self-nesting feature.
§             Stacks fast
§             Stays straight
§             No panel-on-panel shifting
§             Consistent stacking thickness helps minimize step damage

 System flexibility.
§             Complete hardware for posts or stands
§             Either permanently installed hardware or our quick connect designs both allow for compact storage
§             The low profile 30" stands securely connects to panels and stacks neatly for storage
§             Unique serial number and bar code on each panel can simplify asset management 

View our FAQs for more details.

*US Patent No. 8,613,130 - 
Canadian Patent No. 2,677,200











876 of chain link panels. This crew had to make a second trip.
Chain link panels on a truck. The same 876' of V-Squared panels would require a 46" stack. Allowing the crew to work from the ground and avoiding a second trip.

V-Squared exclusive nestable frame stacks in a fraction of the space, even with the rings installed!
Even with the rings installed the panels still nest in as little as 1/3 the space.
Because they are nested there is no shifting of the load during transportation.

The panels slide easily across one another for easy handling.

Stand system panels with rings ready for shipment.
50 panels fit on a 30" wide pallet and are shipped standing up.

Post system using optional base stand.
When driving a post isn't practical our optional base stand works with tubular posts.

Post system shown in high visibility orange powder coated finish.

Testing center point beam loading.
V-Squared is designed as a panel that would be fixed at four corners with the strength in center point beam loading.

Example of torsional flex on a panel supported only on one end. The panel will flex torsionally. When using the panel as a gate simply latch it in two places.

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