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Accura V-Groove Hardware

Accura Precision V-Groove WheelNew Accura Precision V-Groove Wheels from Larsen Innovations take our years of experience with gate hardware and cantilever rollers to make a v-groove wheel that addresses the shortcomings of many of the products currently offered.

Consider: If all premium quality nylon cantilever rollers have a cover that protects the bearings from moisture, dirt and UV rays why do v-groove wheels, that roll in the dirt and ground water NOT need them...It didn't make sense to us either!

    - Exclusive
Sealed and Shielded  Bearing Design
for Long Life
    - Exclusive Tapered Design Solves Debris and Clearance Issues
    - Precision computer controlled lathe from solid steel
    - 3000# Gate Rating
    - Five Year Warranty

Presenting the new Accura Precision V-Groove wheel.

Compare and we think you will agree that this is another
Extraordinary solution!
Accura Precision V-Groove Roller
Our new v-groove wheel has a UV stable nylon dust cover to protect the two permanently sealed deep groove bearings just like our nylon cantilever rollers. While sealed bearings do a good job of keeping moisture and dust out and the lubricant in, they are vulnerable to UV rays which can lead to premature seal and bearing failure. Even where the entire bearing is covered by the mounting plate the reflective rays from the pavement can create problems which our cover eliminates.

Shown with the protective cover and snap ring removed to show one of the 6205-2RS bearings. Our axle is pressed into the inner race of the bearing and the outer race pressed into the wheel opening which surprisingly isn't the case with some other products. Our snap ring retains the protective cover, not the axle.

Accura's 2" wide axle is consistent with standard premium performance wheels and our 4" wheel includes a 12mm x 85mm (1/2" x 3 1/4") bolt with nylon locking nut. The 1 3/4" center portion of the wheel houses the bearings but we taper the wheel to reduce debris issues and interference with track anchor bolts.

Wheel replacement on older gate problem with Accura! 

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Competitive Comparison

While this roller has sealed bearings they are exposed leaving them vulnerable to UV rays which can lead to early bearing failure.

A very similar roller which uses a shielded bearing.

"Essentially, shields are non-contact metallic (carbon or stainless steel) devices which allow high-speed operation but offer limited protection against the ingress of moisture and dirt.

 Shields have no contact with the bearing inner ring, hence their low torque qualities. This structure also means that they are generally unsuitable for applications where the ingress of moisture is possible." *

Shielded bearings are good for high speeds (how fast does your gate go?) but allow dirt and moisture to enter the bearing.

On closer examination of this wheel learned that the axle was retained in the bearing by the snap rings rather than being pressed into the inner race. If the inner race is free to rotate around the axle the function of the bearing is compromised.

This competing roller will require modifying or replacing the track on this project.

*Ball Bearing Guide to Rubber Seals Vs Metal Shields.
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